Luc Kordas

Loneliness In New York City

"So many people are focused on money and careers, that’s why they come to New York. There’s little time left for relationships or hanging out."

Luc Kordas

Luc Kordas is originally from Poland, but now lives in New York. In this interview, we talk about one of his most recent projects which is called „Loneliness in New York“.


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Luc Kordas is originally from Poland, but now lives in New York.


In this interview, we talk about one of his most recent projects which is called „Loneliness in New York“.


What I find so intriguing about this project is that Luc actually didn’t start out with a clear idea of what the final outcome would be like.


In fact, it was another photographer looking through his images that pointed out that loneliness was a recurring theme in his images.


With that in mind, Luc himself took a closer look at his archive and realized that it was true.


He discovered many images that displayed loneliness in some way or another in a big city like New York with it’s over 8 million people.


Over the last couple of months, he’s gained quite a lot of recognition for his project which is very well deserved.


His images are truly extraordinary. Intimate and distanced at the same time. Showing brilliantly the seeming paradox between lonely people and the lack of connection in a buzzling metropolis like New York.


In a previous interview with PetaPixel, Luc said: „The city fascinates me one day and makes me think of leaving the other.“


And he continues: „I know many New Yorkers feel the same way. Ironically, despite New York’s density, it’s not hard to feel alone. So many people are focused on money and careers, that’s why they come here. There’s little time left for relationships or hanging out.“


It’s a feeling that Luc himself often experiences: to feel lonely even though being surrounded by countless other people.


In that sense, Luc’s series is proof for the saying that an image often tells more about the photographer than about the actual subject in the frame.


I find this very fascinating and it’s something I highly recommend to every photographer: To go through one’s images looking for clues of one’s own identity. You might make some surprising discoveries – just like Luc. You’ll be amazed by seeing subjects and themes that you weren’t conscious of in the moment of pressing the shutter.


So this is one important take away from this interview that you can apply to your own photography.


On the other hand, there is this broader approach to photography thinking in projects which can help you to become a better and more deliberate image maker.


I hope you find value in my conversation with Luc.


He sure is a compelling storyteller, deep thinker and of course an awesome photographer.


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Über Luc Kordas

Luc Kordas is a street and portrait photographer from Poland, now living in New York.


Luc has been featured before on my online-photography-magazine „The Art of Creative Photography“: „Street Is Raw. Street Is Real“



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Q&A with Luc Kordas

I have a new fav quote virtually every month because I read a lot so here’s my most recent fav quote related to the arts:

„It is when you collaborate with other artists that you get to see yourself, discover who you are.“

„Rayuela“ by Julio Cortàzar. I read it when I was about 19 years old and I felt like I’m reading something I could write myself in 10 years if I could write.

Too many to mention, but one that I like not only because of his wonderful work but just as much because of his attitude towards photography is Saul Leiter*.

Pari Dukovic* is my fav photographer in New York right now. His portraits are something else, a fresh approach with darkness and movement playing a huge part in his work.

Frank Ocean* – „Thinkin Bout You“



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