Marc Fairhurst

„Why Did You Take That Shot?“

Marc Fairhurst

My guest in this episode is London based street photographer Marc Fairhurst. We talk about his progression in street photography, from earlier work to more recent. Marc tells how his idea of how he should personally be making photographs has evolved over time.


Darum geht es in dieser Folge

I first came across Marc’s work when I interviewed him for my blog „The Art of Creative Photography“ five years ago.


Now I’m very happy to follow up with him on my podcast.


Marc’s practice began with street photography, influenced heavily by the works of Tony Ray-Jones and the works produced by the John Hinde Company, before taking on a more journalistic and documentary approach to the craft.


He is currently working on a number of personal projects, slowly working his way through the creative progression in photography, the pursuit of a standard and in the process, research, development, and in the eventual implementation of ideas.


His primary focus within photography is to capture and document people; their customs, their traditions, their way of life – what people do and how they go about doing it.


As to what photography means to him, Marc answers:


„I like that photography allows me to see what other people find so alluring and attractive. I always ask myself when I look to others, ‘Why did you take this shot?’ I try to figure people out I guess.


At the moment I’m not trying to say anything with my images; I’m not trying to tell a story or change perspectives, I’m just shooting what attracts and allures me too. I’m still in training as it were; still finding my feet and way, and I think I’m heading in the right direction. I’m going through a bit of a transitional period at the moment, and it feels good.“


Please also head over to „The Art of Creative Photography“. I’ll soon launch a podcast on that site which will only be in English.


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Über Marc Fairhurst

Learn more about Marc Fairhurst on his website.

London based street photographer Marc Fairhurst talks about his progression in street photography and reveals how his idea of how he should personally be making photographs has evolved over time.



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Hier kannst du in die Folge mit Marc Fairhurst reinhören.

Q&A mit Marc Fairhurst

Tony Ray-Jones. A photograph of a couple embracing on a ferry-boat. A simple photograph but one that I keep in mind constantly in that I should always try to make my photographs have an element of at least something happening or going on whilst being surrounded by regular normality.

„I LOVE BORAS“* by Lars Tunbjork. A series of photographs taken in Sweden and not necessarily focussing on one aspect of life there but a plethora of different things all photographed beautifully and yet so simply. The colours, the compositions and the subjects all combine to make for a truly wonderful book, where all the images are displayed full spread over 168 pages.

Tony Ray-Jones. I just love his compositions. I looked at his work as the standard when I began and continue to do so.

My scanner for my negs. I’d be stuck without it.

„Running to The Sea“ by Röyksopp. When travelling, it’s the song I play first that adds to the feeling of getting away.



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Not much. Some rolls of film, a small photobook if I decide to stop for a coffee somewhere, a cloth for cleaning the lens – that’s about it.

Hallo, ich bin Kai. Journalist aus Hamburg – vor allem aber leidenschaftlicher Reisender und Fotograf. Um beide Themen geht es auf GATE7.


Ich möchte dir zeigen, wie du mit deiner Lust am Fotografieren abhebst, tief in fremde Kulturen eintauchst, Land und Leute kennenlernst – um am Ende ganz bei dir zu landen. Entdecke die emotionale Seite der Fotografie und mache unterwegs Bilder, die dir wirklich etwas bedeuten.

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