Start Podcast Darran K Roper: „The Thrill Of Finding Moments“

    Darran K Roper: „The Thrill Of Finding Moments“

    Graphics in urban settings: Street Photographer Darran Roper seeks to see the marvel in every day life when he goes out with his camera.
    @ Darran Roper

    „Photography forces a response in me. I feel I can be indifferent to a lot of art, because it either holds little relevance to me or has a creative distance from reality. I find it very curious that we can be drawn into a good photograph, but yet if the frame of the photographer’s eye were taken away, the vision would be lost in the noise of the surrounding elements of the scene. That is what fascinates me about photography.“

    Darran K Roper

    For Darran K Roper photography means a creative interaction with his surroundings. He believes: When you are seeing through your desire to create something, everything holds a little more interest. This ability gets lost over time, says Darran, and photography is a means of reawakening it.

    Street Photography can take on many forms and meanings. Darran’s answer to the question why he is so passionate about taking pictures of everyday life is the following:

    „My motivation is the simple thrill of finding moments, nothing more to say really, no underlying meaning nor deep aesthetic intent. I don’t interact or manipulate situations, when a picture presents itself, it’s all there in the moment.“

    Darran goes on and explains: „The task of finding statements separated from the everyday, is the single goal of street photography. A side effect of street photography is, you begin to see the marvel of the everyday, no moment or place can be discounted. Your mind and senses harmonize to show you where moments may reside, where the light may be favorable and how a situation may change. When I am on a walk, I am free, there is nothing, except this search for a statement that I may, or may not find.“

    In this interview, Darran explains what street photography means to him and he talks about his moments of doubts regarding the quality of his own work. This is something most photographers are likely to experience at some point. It’s the moment when it’s time to step up and take your craft to the next level. Darran also talks about that and shares how he pushed himself to grow as an image maker.

    Images from Darran K Roper

    Light and shadow – displaying beautiful colors: Street Photographer Darran Roper seeks to see the marvel in every day life when he goes out with his camera.
    @ Darran K Roper
    A woman lightning a cigarette on the street with a man practicing Kung-Fu in te background: Street Photographer Darran Roper seeks to see the marvel in every day life when he goes out with his camera.
    @ Darran K Roper / untitled #24 London 2015

    „There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A man’s whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue. Live being true to the single purpose of the moment.“
    ― Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

    Darran: „
A few days before this walk I imagined parts of this frame in a dream. The man performing Kung-fu in the background was clearly part of my dream the woman in the foreground was not so vivid. The man in the background performs Kung Fu, a kata he has no doubt performed many times, each time edging toward perfection. I photographed him for about 3 minutes, through the corners of my eye I see a young woman walking toward me, attempting to light a cigarette, dressed primly in a long wool mac. I take several steps backward, and allows her to enter the frame. This was a single take. My 5 minutes proved to be my own personal kata of patience and presence. Life offers many puzzles for us to maintain or collapse.“

    Graphics in urban settings: Street Photographer Darran Roper seeks to see the marvel in every day life when he goes out with his camera.
    @ Darran K Roper / untitled #11 Marseilles France 2017

    Darran: „Cities can be overcrowded yet lonely places, we jostle and glide through them, between places of stone to other places of stone. The forms here tell that story, ghostly figures moving through, only their shadows touching. The sloaping walkways of the walls enforce this notional journey between distant places of stone in the background and the city streets.

    The photo kind of worked for me because of the repeated black of the figures and their shadows. For me the rhythm of the movement in the frame works it could always be better though, and that is just something you have to face as a street photographer.“


    Darran K Roper works as a software developer in Reading, England.

    In his free time he roams the streets with his camera looking for the marvel of everyday moments.

    Darran has been featured before on my online-photography-magazine „The Art of Creative Photography“: „Relaxed and Purposeful“

    You can follow Darran on Flickr and Instagram and see more on his website.

    Although this podcast is mainly in German, every now and then I interview photographers in English. Some previous episodes are with street photographers Valérie Jardin („Street Photography – Creative Vision Behind The Lens“), RE Casper („StreetPX: „The Street Is Like A Theater“), Rinzi Ruiz („Street Zen – Or Photography As A Meditative Practice“), Dimitris Makrygiannakis („Remembering Life Through Photography“), Marc Fairhurst („Why Did You Take That Shot?“) and Dmitry Stepanenko („Heavy Colour“ Street Photography).

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